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Bonspiel Bonanza: How to Generate Buzz and Enthusiasm for Your Event

Bonspiel Bonanza: How to Generate Buzz and Enthusiasm for Your Event

A bonspiel is a fun and exciting event that brings together curling teams from different areas to compete against one another. Whether you’re hosting a bonspiel for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, promoting your event is key to its success. Here are some of the best ways to promote your bonspiel and ensure that it’s a memorable and well-attended event.

  • Use Social Media:

Social media is an excellent tool for promoting your bonspiel. You can create a Facebook event and invite all of the teams that you want to participate. Make sure to post updates about the event regularly and share photos and videos of the games as they happen. This will help to generate buzz and excitement among the teams.

  • Send newsletters:

Send out newsletters to your club members and other curling clubs in your area. Highlight the event details and encourage them to participate. You can also offer early-bird discounts to incentivize early registrations.

  • Create a Website:

Creating a website for your bonspiel is a great way to provide information about the event, including dates, times, and locations. You can also use your website to post updates, photos, and videos of the games, as well as to promote any sponsors or vendors that will be at the event.

  • Use Flyers and Posters:

Flyers and posters are a tried-and-true way to promote any event, and a bonspiel is no exception. You can create eye-catching posters with information about the event, including dates, times, and locations, and post them in local businesses, community centers, and other public areas. Make sure that your posters are eye-catching and include all of the necessary information.

  • Reach out to sponsors:

Contact local businesses and offer them sponsorships in exchange for promoting their brand at your bonspiel. You can offer to put their logos on advertising banners.

  • Get the Local Media Involved:

Getting the local media involved is a great way to generate buzz about your bonspiel. You can send out press releases and reach out to local news outlets to let them know about your event. You can also offer to give interviews and provide footage of the games, which can be used in news segments and articles.

  • Use Bonspiel Merchandise:

Using bonspiel merchandise is a fun and effective way to promote your event. You can create customized t-shirts, pins, and other items featuring the name and logo of your bonspiel. These items can be sold at the event or given away as prizes for the winning teams.

  • Utilize word-of-mouth:

Encourage your club members to spread the word about your bonspiel. Ask them to invite their friends and family to participate.

By using a combination of these strategies, you can effectively promote your bonspiel and ensure that it’s a fun and memorable event for everyone involved. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box when it comes to promoting your event. With the right strategy, your bonspiel can be a huge success.



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