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Bonspiel Welcome Bags: A Warm Icebreaker for Your Curling Event Participants

Bonspiel Welcome Bags: A Warm Icebreaker for Your Curling Event Participants

When participating in a bonspiel, one of the highlights of the event is receiving a welcome bag. These bags are usually filled with useful items and a few fun surprises to help make the event memorable. Here are some ideas for fun, cool, and interesting things to include in a welcome bag for a bonspiel.

  • Pins:

Pins are a popular item to give and collect at bonspiels. These small and easy to transport, decorative pins often feature the logo or emblem of a particular curling club or event and are given as a memento or keepsake to remember the occasion.

  • Customized Water Bottles:

A water bottle is always useful, especially during the game, but make it special by customizing it with the event’s or club’s logo. Hand Warmers: Hand warmers are essential for any outdoor winter event, and will be appreciated by everyone, especially if the weather is chilly.

  • Chapstick:

Cold and dry weather can cause chapped lips. Including a lip balm or chapstick in the welcome bag will be useful and appreciated.

  • Customized Socks:

Socks are a fun and practical item to include in a welcome bag, and customizing them with the event’s logo or club name adds a personalized touch.

  • Customized event t-shirts:

Can be a great way to commemorate a bonspiel or other curling event. T-shirts are a popular choice for many people because they are comfortable to wear, can be customized to include the event name, date, and can be a great way to show off one’s participation in a particular event. Another great option for customized curling event t-shirts is to include a sponsor logo or message on the back of the shirt. This is a great way to thank sponsors for their support and promote their business to the curling community.

  • Snacks:

Snacks re always a great addition to any welcome bag. Consider including a few healthy options like granola bars, along with some indulgent treats like chocolates.

  • Hand Sanitizer:

Hand Sanitizer is a must-have item in the age of COVID-19. Include a small bottle in the welcome bag to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

  • Mini Whiskey Bottles:

Many curlers enjoy a post-game drink, so including a mini whiskey bottle or other favorite liquor can be a fun and unexpected addition.

  • Customized Beanie:

A beanie with the event’s logo is a cool and practical item that everyone will appreciate, especially when they step outside to brave the cold.

  • Earplugs:

Earplugs may not seem like a fun addition, but they can be a lifesaver if your hotel room is next to the party room or if you have a noisy teammate.

  • Playing Cards:

After a long day on the ice, curlers may want to relax and unwind with a game of cards. Including a deck of playing cards in the welcome bag can be a great way to encourage this.

In conclusion, a well-stocked welcome bag can make a bonspiel even more enjoyable. From practical items like hand warmers and hand sanitizer to fun treats like customized socks and mini whiskey bottles, including a range of items in the bag ensures that everyone feels appreciated and taken care of.



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