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Open House on Ice: How to Host a Perfect Curling Clinic and Open Day Event

Open House on Ice: How to Host a Perfect Curling Clinic and Open Day Event

Organizing a curling open day or clinic is a great way to introduce people to the sport and attract new members to your curling club. Here are some steps to help you plan and run a successful event:

  • Determine the date and time:

Choose a date and time that works best for your club and potential participants. Avoid scheduling the event on holidays or during major sports events.

  • Promote the event:

Spread the word about the open day or clinic through social media, flyers, local newspapers, and radio stations. Reach out to schools, community groups, and other organizations that may be interested in the event.

  • Gather equipment:

Ensure you have enough equipment, such as curling stones, sliders, and brooms, for all participants. Consider providing helmets as well. Consider renting or borrowing equipment if your club doesn’t have enough.

  • Plan the activities:

Plan a program that includes an introduction to curling, a demonstration of basic techniques, and a practice session. Make sure to have experienced curlers available to provide coaching and answer questions.

  • Set up the ice:

Prepare the ice by cleaning it, marking the playing area, and setting up the houses. Make sure the ice is in good condition for the event.

  • Welcome the participants:

Greet the participants and provide them with an introduction to the sport and the event program. Explain the rules and safety guidelines and provide them with proper equipment.

  • Teach the basics:

Demonstrate the basic techniques of curling, including delivery, sweeping, and strategy. Allow participants to practice these skills in a controlled environment.

  • Provide coaching:

Have experienced curlers available to provide coaching and answer any questions the participants may have. Encourage the participants to ask questions and seek feedback on their performance.

  • Wrap up the event:

End the event by thanking the participants and encouraging them to join the club. Provide them with information about the club’s programs, membership options, and upcoming events.

By following these steps, you can organize a successful curling open day or clinic that attracts new members to your club and helps to grow the sport.



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