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Rock Stars of the Ice: Crafting Memorable and Fun Bonspiel Team Names

Rock Stars of the Ice: Crafting Memorable and Fun Bonspiel Team Names

Curling bonspiels are a popular and fun way to engage in the sport of curling, both competitively and for recreational purposes. One of the many aspects of a bonspiel is the team name, which can be a great way to show off your creativity and sense of humor.

Some of the best curling bonspiel team names are clever puns or wordplays that incorporate curling terminology. For example, “Stone Cold Curlers” is a popular name that references professional wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin, while also incorporating the curling stone.

Another great name is “Broommates”, which plays off the term “roommates” and refers to the broom that is used to sweep the ice in front of the curling stone. “The Ice is Right” is another creative name that plays off the famous game show “The Price is Right”, while also referencing the importance of the ice in curling.
Other popular team names include “The Curling Stones”, “The Curling Irons”, and “The Ice Queens”. These names all incorporate curling terminology in a clever and fun way.

In addition to puns and wordplays, some teams opt for more straightforward names that reflect their location, sponsor, or other factors. For example, “The Mooseheads” is a popular name for a team based in Canada, while “The Rock Stars” is a name that is often used by teams sponsored by music venues.

No matter what your team name, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with participating in a curling bonspiel. So, whether you opt for a punny name or a more straightforward moniker, make sure to hit the ice with a positive attitude and a love of the sport!

  • Plumbers Hack

  • Broom Enough for Two

  • Sweeping Sickness

  • Curling Me Softly

  • Rolling Stones

  • Elephantastic Four

  • The Neutralizers

  • Sheets to the Wind

  • Bull’s Eye Doctors

  • Curl Power

  • Rock Stars

  • Button Mashers

  • I Swept With Your Wife..

  • Curling Connection

  • The Horseplayers

  • The Fellowship of the Norwegian Pants

  • Sheep Sweep

  • Sheet Packers

  • Game of Stones

  • Our House, in the Middle of Our Sheet

  • Stocks & Stones

  • Legion of Broom

  • Had-a-Few

  • Sweeping Beauties

  • Besom Buddies

  • Three Sheets to the Wind

  • Baby Broomers

  • The Double Take Outs

  • Drawing a Blank

  • The Short and Curlers

  • The Brush Offs

  • Slide and the Family Stone

  • Lords of the Rings

  • Hack Addicts

  • The Flintstones

  • The Sheet Stains

  • Get Your Rocks Off

  • Glass House Occupants

  • Double Tap

  • The Coilers

  • On the Rocks

  • The Outsliders

  • Rock Solid

  • Brooms of Anarchy

  • Bonspiel Jovi

  • Rock, Stock, and Two Sweeping Barrels

  • Ready to Rock!

  • Wide & Heavy

  • Hard Core Curls

  • Between the Sheets

  • Down and to the Left

  • Curl Jam

  • Feed Em and Sweep

  • Get Your Sheet Together

  • Hack Attack!

  • Drinks are on you

  • In Living Curler

  • Sheetheads

  • Surgical Strikes

  • Off Constantly

  • The Sultans of Sweep

  • The Cowlers

  • The Up-Do’s

  • Rockroachs

  • All In The Wrist

  • Broom Heads

  • Broomhildas

  • Broomzilla

  • Brussels Drunkin’ Dwarves

  • Grim and Frostbitten

  • Rock Hard or Hardrock

  • Sweep Jeebus

  • Broom Goes the Dynamite

  • Sweeping Beauty & The Beasts

  • Team Curl One Out

  • Buying The Beers

  • The Blank-O Niños

  • Reverse peews

  • 3 jerks and a squirt.

  • Bipolar Icecaps

  • A game of stones

  • Finders Sweepers

  • Jenny For The Block

  • The Royal Guard

  • Ice Baked Potatoes

  • The Ice Is Right

  • Fruit of the Broom

  • Button Chops

  • SiliStone Valley

  • Indiana Stones and the Temple of Broom

  • The triple take out.

  • Hammered & Stoned




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