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Turning Stones into Support: How to Attract and Retain Sponsorship for Your Curling Club

Turning Stones into Support: How to Attract and Retain Sponsorship for Your Curling Club

Getting sponsorship for your curling club can be a great way to secure funding for equipment, travel, and other expenses. Here are some steps you can take to help secure sponsorship for your club:

  • Identify potential sponsors:

Look for businesses and organizations in your local community that may be interested in sponsoring a curling club. This could include sports equipment retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.

  • Create a sponsorship package:

Put together a professional-looking sponsorship package that outlines the benefits of sponsoring your club. This should include information about your club, its mission and goals, and the specific benefits that sponsors will receive in return for their support.

  • Reach out to potential sponsors:

Once you have identified potential sponsors and created a sponsorship package, reach out to them to pitch your proposal. You can do this in person, over the phone, or via email. Be sure to highlight the specific benefits of sponsoring your club, such as exposure to the local community or the opportunity to align with a respected and successful sports organization.

  • Follow up:

After making contact with potential sponsors, be sure to follow up to keep the conversation going. You may need to answer additional questions, provide more information, or schedule a meeting to discuss the details of the sponsorship agreement.

  • Recognize your sponsors:

Once you have secured sponsorships, be sure to publicly recognize your sponsors and show your appreciation for their support. This could include displaying their logos on your club website or social media accounts, or even naming your club after a particularly generous sponsor.

Remember that securing sponsorships for your curling club can take time and effort, but it can be a rewarding way to secure funding and build strong relationships with local businesses and organizations.



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