How it Works


As a central platform for curling players to find curling events to attend, we provide opportunities for both curling players and tournament organisers. The key is to ensure that the curling community find events that they’d enjoy attending and would love to be a part of. At the same time, we ensure that tournament organisers find a base of players that would be interested in participating in their events. Here’s exactly what we do for you, whether you’re a player or a tournament organiser.

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If you’re a curling player

Our goal is to present to you with the best and most exciting opportunities curling has to offer.

You’ll be able to use this website to look for events near you that you’d like to attend. If you’re the travelling type that wants to meet new communities and other curling players, then you’ll also be able to have a look at what other curling events are taking place around the world.

When you find an event that catches your eye that you’d like to sign up to, you’ll be able to register for this event directly through our website. You can pay the entry fee for the event online using your credit or debit card, at which point you’ll receive a ticket invite to the event you’ve registered for in your email account. The e-ticket you’re provided with can then be printed off and brought to the event for you to gain access. You can also show your e-ticket at the door with your mobile.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to look for accommodation with our local partners to ensure that you find a place to stay in for the duration of the event. We guarantee that you’ll be matched with the most competitively priced hotspots based on your budgeting requirements. This can be done entirely through our website using the accommodation map feature.

If you’re an event organiser

Whenever you are planning on hosting an event, you’ll be able to publish events on our website and operate and manage the event on our easy to use and seamless platform.

As a partner of our website, you’ll be able to create promotional information exclusive towards the event, such as the use of promo codes. At the same time, you’ll be able to utilize our network to broadcast and publicise your event to other curling players through our mailing lists and more. You’ll also be able to manage your event registrations directly through us.

In return, we collect a small payment processing fee as your featured hosting platform. You’ll be able to access and use all our proprietary features, which includes all the features we mentioned above, as well as aa QR scanner app to scan and check tickets to keep track of your event’s attendance.

How our payment platform works

We collect payments (or entrance fees to events) from prospective curling event attendees through the use of Stripe, a trusted payment processing platform that protects our customers against fraud. If you’re a tournament organiser, after collecting payments from curling event players, we’ll immediately transact the money earned to your bank account, minus our negotiated platform fee. Stripe guarantees both the security of internet payments made online as well as the private information of both the attendees and the organisers.