IDEAS is a central hub for the curling community. We connect curling players around the world with curling events and organizers. Our website works hand-in-hand with tournament organisers to ensure that you are kept up to date with all the latest and greatest events that curling has to offer.


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Bonspiels, cashspiels, tournaments

Together with Bonspiels, you’ll be able to publish all sorts of curling events, from competitive tournaments to fun tournaments for your local community. Post your curling event through us online to our platform and its users, giving you and your organisation the opportunity to push your event towards a wider and larger target audience. At the same time, initiating an event through our platform allows you to register customers and manage your users directly through us.

You can even manage and administrate the tournament or event on the platform, using generated custom fields to establish team names, team lineups, and more. To advertise your event to the fullest, you may also look at creating promotional codes for early bird signees to benefit. We’ll support this by rolling out stages of registration so that you can allocate customers correctly. Our platform also opens you up to communicating personally with your event-goers, as well allow you to send out email pushes and notifications to customers who might be interested in signing up for the event.

When customers look at your event and decide whether they want to sign up and register, they’ll be able to pay for the event & its related fees, allowing them to receive an electronic ticket for their participation. Our platform supports the use of multiple currencies to pay fees, and therefore customers will be able to enjoy the added variety. In return, you’ll also be able to receive your fees less our platform fee in your selected currency. We work together with Stripe to ensure that payments are monitored and secure in a reputable manner. Your funds through event signups will be held on your behalf and then later released to you in your preferred currency.


Camp, courses, workshops, symposiums 

We support and sometimes provide all sorts of curling education events on our platform. From educational courses for beginners to develop basic fundamental skills, to workshops that focus on building more technical abilities and nuanced techniques, you’ll be able to access all sorts of education events through us. You’ll even find camping events which are effectively extended events that include more than your usual one-off curling event. If you’re in a club or aboard, you’ll also be able to organise meetings with your local community through us.


Membership, league... registrations

Work with our platform to advertise, develop, and manage your club or league. You can collect registrations and signups from here, and you’ll only have to pay a limited platform fee to use all the platform’s features. 

Not only can you register members towards your club or establish leagues, you'll also be able to create private events that are restricted to those with a specific password or passcode. This way you can help make your events exclusive while still being able to manage them using our platform's features.


Donations, fundraisings

If you’re part of a club or community that needs help from other passionate curlers, then you’ll be able to advertise for donations and fundraisings on your behalf. Introduce your project to others, and let them know about your history and why you want to start raising revenue. It could be for more equipment, future events, or anything that is relevant to you and your story.


Open Days, Learn to curl, clinics

You can sell tickets for specific Open Day and Learn to curl events. This goes hand in hand with some of the educational events and more. The key here is you’ll be able to manage your members as well as ticketing through our QR code ticket scanner app and more. Find out if you have initial interest for your event by providing early promotional offers for early birds and more.