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About Us

platform is a central hub for the curling community. We connect curlers around the world with curling events organizers. We offer an important tool for curling events organizers for promoting the sport of curling and helping curlers of all skill levels find and participate in events that fit their needs and interests.

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    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to bring curling communities around the world closer together by providing a platform for curling clubs to promote their bonspiels. We believe that by connecting curlers and curling clubs from different regions, we can create a vibrant and inclusive global curling community that fosters sportsmanship, friendship, and respect.

    Through our digital platform, we aim to help curling clubs of all sizes to promote their bonspiels and reach a wider audience of curlers. We believe that by providing this service, we can help promote the growth and development of curling around the world, and provide opportunities for curlers to discover new places to play and make new friends. By organizing and promoting non-profit bonspiels, we aim to make the sport of curling accessible to people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. We believe that by creating opportunities for people to come together in the spirit of friendly competition, we can help foster a sense of community and belonging that extends beyond the curling rink.

    Our commitment to promoting bonspiels means that all funds raised through our events will be used to support the growth and development of curling, both locally and globally. We believe that by working together and supporting each other, we can build a stronger, more inclusive, and more vibrant curling community around the world.

    Through our efforts to promote bonspiels around the world, we hope to inspire more people to take up the sport of curling and to create a lasting legacy of friendship and camaraderie that extends beyond the ice rink.